Балдан печенье

Менин талгамыма артыгымен татти болды. Бирак, татти кумарларга унауы тиыс.

3 улкен касык бал мен 2 улкен касык кантты араластырыныз. Микротолкынды духовканыз болса, сонын ишинде балди еритсениз де болады. Енди, 1 жумыртка мен 250 гр ун косып жумсак бир камыр илениз. 30 минутка холодильникке койып койыныз. Калаган форма берип, духовкада 15 минут (духовкадан алыс кетпениз, печенье тез писеди) писириниз.

Бұл жазбаның орналастырылған санаттары: Печенье. Бетбелгі жасау үшін тұрақты сілтеме.

4 Responses to Балдан печенье

  1. Anonymous айтады:

    Hi Elvira,Good site. I’d lke to try this recepie but you didn’t say what is the oven temperature. Please could you comment on that. C or F it doesn’t matter.

  2. Эльвира айтады:

    Thank you for comment. You need to bake cookies at 200C for 10-15 minutes. Cool completely.

  3. Anonymous айтады:

    Hi Elvira,Last night tried this recepie. My husband and I like it a lot. In fact, this morning I had three cookies for my breakfast even though I have broken breakfast rules that for breakfast never eat deserts such as cakes, cookies, etc., so what? I liked it and had it. Very nice. If you have more recepies publish, I’ll try them all. Actually, I have so many recepies from different cultures and cousin if you’d like I’ll send you very interesting recepies; you can try them and spread the word. I am willing to help you to expend your site. Seems to me you very passionate about your work. As for me, I like cooking very much but don’t have time to maintain any sites. E-mail me with your return e-mail address and we can start working on those recpies. Akbanu knows my e-mail address.Hope to hear from you; Thanks again, Donna.

  4. Эльвира айтады:

    I am glad to know your husband and you liked cookies! They are quite addictive, aren’t they? ;)As for the recepies – it is just a great idea! I will really appreciate you sharing your cooking experience and new recepies with me. Thanks a lot!

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